Michael Hearst presents the Unusual, Curious, Extraordinary, and Unvonventional Songbook


Author and composer Michael Hearst, along with his band, presents songs about Unusual Creatures, Extraordinary People, Curious Constructions, and Unconventional Vehicles geared to curious families, extraordinary children and their unusual friends. The show draws from Hearst's highly successful series of books, albums, and PBS series. It is an unusually-geeky A/V presentation (like a TED talk for kids!) of some of the most bizarre animals that roam the planet, odd and daring characters, vehicles you never knew existed, and buildings sometimes stranger than the Brooklyn Bridge - using such odd-ball instruments as theremin, claviola, and stylophone.

CULTURAL CENTERS: Michael and his band are proud to have performed at festivals and institutions including the American Museum of Natural History, the New York Hall of Science, Boston-Sci Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Arizona Sci-tech Festival, Florida’s World Of South Festival, The Kennedy Center, and Carnegie Hall.

SCHOOLS: In addition to public performances, Michael is a DOE vendor and has performed at many schools including Explore Charter School, LREI, Blue School, Berkeley-Carroll, Poly Prep, PS169, PS107, PS118, PS130, PS11, PS39, PS154, PS81, PS130, PS10, and others. A great connection to a STEM or science lesson connected to NYSED standards K to 8, or as an engaging program for elementary or middle school kids.

School promo sheet.     Booking: info@michaelhearst.com     Photo: Bill Wadman