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To celebrate some of the most bizarre animals on the planet (as well as some of the most bizarre musical instruments), Michael Hearst has devised Song For Unusual Creatures - an album of instrumental songs for kids AND adults, featuring the Kronos Quartet, The Microscopic Septet, Margaret Leng Tan, the LEMUR Robots, and some of the strangest musical instruments you’ve never heard of!

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With humor and flair, Michael Hearst introduces the reader to a wealth of extraordinary life forms. Which animal can be found at the top of Mt. Everest, 10,000 feet under the sea, and in your backyard? Which animal poops cubes? Which animal can disguise itself as a giant crab? These fascinating facts and hundreds more await intrepid readers, amateur zoologists, and anyone who has ever laughed at a funny-looking animal.

"Warning: Michael Hearst has unleashed some powerful wonder-awe juju here. You may be gripped by a giddy urge to drop what you're doing, abandon your career, and take your kids off to Africa to see a hammer-headed bat. I will see you there!"

-Mary Roach, Author of Packing For Mars

"Unusual Creatures is a rich and fantastic book of charming imaginary animals who...what? They're real? I'll be under the bed."

-Lemony Snicket

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